Poem: You Made it Through

 I wrote this for a book of poetry to help prevent suicide. 



You Made it Through


No affection and an empty heart.

Enveloped by individuals

Whom put you down.


Self-love slips through your fingers.

Searching for the place

Where you belong.

Realizing maybe that place

Merely resides in your mind.


Everyone around seems so malicious.

You cannot carry on much longer.

Your soul ripped to pieces.


There is merely one way to be set free

From this suffering.

Returning to the love of all things.

Fleeing home to God.


You must release the hopelessness in your mind.

You don’t know how!

It’s not definite.

The worry is awfully strong

You long for calm and peace of mind.


Your life rests in your occupied hands.

Be deeper than those around you.

Find tranquility in a place where you do not belong.


The Angels escort you to the help you need.

Hope serves to help the soul stop bleeding.


Work your way through the pain.

You are not to blame.

In the end, you will find

You were stronger than all of them.


You did not commit suicide.

You found a way

To overcome the pain.

It is your own life you gained.


Content by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2021 all rights reserved

Photo from Pixabay.com


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