Drawn to the Light

When I was a young girl, I spent much of my time with my grandfather. We loved to exchange stories. I would read him something I had composed and he would tell me, ancient mythologies. We call this legend Drawn to the Light. It is one of my favorite myths. You could say this story inspired me to become a Reiki Master.



Drawn to the Light


Some individuals suspect there are people who idle in between worlds when they pass. They have trouble crossing over. There are many reasons they are held in an uncertain state of consciousness. Some do not accept they are dead. While others died a tragic death. Still others stay because they cannot bear to leave their loved ones behind.


There is a legend that certain people, when they die can help these lost souls cross over. When a person is dying, they give off light or their last life energy force. Some believe it draws the souls lost in limbo.


These lost souls are searching for their gateway to their next realm. They instinctively know to look for light. Any type of light will draw them near. The problem is even evil can give off light.


Legend has it when a Spiritual healer dies, they give off radiant light. It’s like an Angel’s glow. They are the only ones who can help these poor lost souls finally cross over to the place where they belong.


Content by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2021 all rights reserved

Photo from Pixabay.com

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