Flash Fiction: The Gift

The Gift

One who walks with dragons in another world is very special indeed. To befriend a dragon is a very special gift. Very few humans have this gift. But dragons are very special creatures indeed. They could make things appear here on Earth, if they wish.

Now, as a young girl, dragons I played with in the field by the streams. Or maybe it just seemed that way. I was a young girl with a big imagination. I lived by the woods near a stream. This was my fantasy land, where all things existed. It was where the dragons, unicorns, and fairies came to play with me. It’s where I wrote childhood stories of great delight. In childhood play I befriended everything. I had a love for dragons and the way they could fly through the sky. What beautiful wings, they had. I dreamed of flying with the dragons and the fairies every day. I love to play flying games with them. But, this was not to be.

As I got older, I forgot about my lovely little Playland. An adult just does not think of dragons and fairies anymore. On one very sad day, when death took my beloved dog away. I made a wish to have a new dog.

Now, some say dragons can appear, but differently in the actual world. Well, one appeared to me. A little magic wish. A dog name Bella, a gift from the dragons, I would have to say. She looks like a dragon. Bella doesn’t know she is a dog. She acts like a cat, lizard, dogs and any other animal you could think of. Bella eats bugs, loves squeaky toys that make lots of noise. She does not come when you call her name like most dogs would.

Bella the little dragon dog

Now, I have a dragon as a pet. I would have to say Bella is a gift from the dragon world!

Content by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2021 all rights reserved

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