Poem: Freedom

Freedom is knowing and loving one’s self.

Freedom is knowing your worth to the world.

Freedom is doing what you love and it takes you far.

Freedom is knowing who you really are.

Freedom is living your dream life and harming none.


Freedom is knowing when to fight for what is right.

Freedom is loving the Earth and having fun.

Freedom is caring for all around you,

Putting your love out there for everyone to see.

Freedom is being free to be whoever you want to be.


Content by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2021 all rights reserved

3 thoughts on “Poem: Freedom

  1. This was beautiful. Simply put. The past four years, I have devoted much focus on the many freedoms I worked towards in my own personal life and endeavors. I write a lot of poetry, some different stories based around family and other experiences, my own health etc. In a couple of weeks however, I am actually starting a new series on different journeys. (example: Journey to Freedom from Anger). I hope when I do the series that you are able to check it out and keep in touch. Enjoy your weekend.


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