Poem: The Scares of Life

Honor the scares of the soul.

They are what taught you how to grow.

Scares sow the seeds of releasing the pain.

No, you are not insane!

Your soul is awakening to the Universal plan of love, not pain.

Forgive all those who have hurt you.

Remember, no pain has ever gone through in vain.

Your scares are your strength.

Your lesson and wisdom gained.

Scares help you understand your true power.

Let your soul flower.

Turn the darkness of your scares into light.

This is the beauty of life.

We give others power to fight

When we share our scares with the world.

People remember who they are and the power the soul has to heal.

The power the soul has to be real.

So feel and share the power of your scares

They will help the world heal.


5 thoughts on “Poem: The Scares of Life

  1. When I wrote my poetry books I knew that there were imperfections but I also knew I was sharing some of my scares. In reading the fears of others I learn to breathe because I am not alone. Lovely


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