Honoring My Father and Grandfather on Father’s Day.

Honoring My Father on Father’s Day




Honoring my father on Father’s Day. My father loved to garden. He was one with the Earth. Fishing was one of his favorite past times. Camping and being out in nature was another thing he loved to do.


My father was an artist; he loved to paint, make stuff out of wood, and was a professional photographer. He shared his many gifts with the world. My father loved to take photos of nature. He also loved to paint nature scenes.




My father believed in ghosts and liked to go ghost hunting. I get my love of the paranormal from him. My father also taught himself hypnosis. He used hypnosis to quit smoking. My father is the one who proved to me we all have past lives. You can read more about how I discovered we all have past lives by reading When I found Out About Past Lives. He started my interest in past lives and past life healing.


My father played a very important part in my spiritual journey. I am grateful for all the things he taught me. It was an honor to have him in my life. He passed away when I was 25 years old. Many people believe my son is his reincarnation. I am very honored and blessed to have had such an interesting and spiritual father.


Honoring My Grandfather on Father’s Day


Honoring my grandfather on Father’s Day. Many of you know I was very close to my grandfather. He is one of my spiritual guides and my guardian angel. I have a memorial garden in honor of him.


My grandfather was a wonderful man. Like my father, he had a love for nature and loved fishing. My grandfather also loved to go hunting. My grandfather knew a lot of trees and herbs. I got my love for herbal medicine from my grandfather. He is also where my love for crystals came from.


My grandfather was my best friend and my biggest fan. He loved to read my poetry and short stories. I spent many summers with him. We would sit on his front porch and I would read to him. These are my favorite childhood memories.


My grandfather started my love for hounds. He had hounds as pets. My dad was also a dog lover. It is understandable that I would have a love for hounds. I strongly believe my grandfather sent my dog Fred to me. Fred reminded me just how much I love to write and what writing did for me. Writing heals my soul. To a Mystic, a hound dog is a guardian and protector.



On this Father’s Day, I honor my father and grandfather for the many gifts they have given to me. Without these two vigorous men in my life, I do not know where I would be today. They both helped me greatly with my spiritual interests and growth. So today I honor my father and grandfather with a garden of love.


Much Love and light.


Thank-you for reading.


 Content and photos by Brenda Marie Fluharty©2022 all right reserved


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