Share Your Talents with the World

 Share Your Talents with the World



Everyone has some special gift.  Everyone is talented in some way.  Why not share your special gifts and talents with the world? Let the world enjoy the gifts that only you can give it.
You can share your gifts in many different ways.  If you’re an artist share your artwork with the world. If you are a writer why not share your writing with the world.  You can share your gifts in any way you choose.
I know many very talented people that share their artwork with the world.  I know poets who share their poetry and books and blogs.  I know cooks who share the recipes with the world.  Painters who display their artwork in museums and craft shows.
My son Mark is a very talented art designer.  He is the one who designs the artwork for this blog. He also does a lot of different types of art projects.  He enjoys making jewelry, drawing sketches, painting, and cooking.
I like to share my spiritual gifts with the world.  Sharing my spiritual wisdom and knowledge with the world brings me joy.  Many of you may not know,  I am also a poet.  I enjoy writing poetry and short stories.

Tears of the Soul

Tears are the cleansers of the soul.
They wash away the darkness
When they are let to flow.
Emotions bring many tears
Cleansing souls of fears.
Tears turn darkness into light
Reminding us of the fight.
The fight to hold on to our souls.
Reminding us to be brave and bold.
The older the soul, the more it needs to let go
Of the darkness and Earthbound sin.
Tears are where the soul’s healing begins.
 These are just a few ways you can share your wonderful talents and gifts with the world.

Thank you for reading. Have a blessed day.
Much love and light,
Brenda Marie

 Content by Brenda Marie Fluharty©2022 all right reserved

Photo by Mark Edward Clapp ©2022 all right reserved


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