Humanity is Changing

The state of the world makes me want to cry. My soul feels like humanity is about to die. A death of the old and a rebirth of the new. Transformation is not a reason to feel blue. Transformation is what humanity is going through.

Even if most people do not have a clue. Change is nothing new. When humanity goes through substantial change, it is a slow and sometime unnoticed process. For some, it does not change lives.

Humanity needs to chance. We need to evolve. God has been waiting for us to discover this for centuries. He wishes for all of us to ascend. This was his plan for the human race all along.

The time has come for this to begin. It is a win – win for everyone. Some people will choose to stay and live the same way. Others will choose to go to the next level and ascend. They will grow their souls and go on to the next level.

Do not fear! All will ascend in their own time and in their own way. Each soul has chosen its own path of growth. We will all meet up again some day.


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