Bella My Sweet Little Dachshund


Bella My Sweet Little Dachshund

This sweet little angel, is my dachshund Bella.   Bella is ten years old.  We got her along with my beloved Fred on April 1st. Bella is a sweet little dog.  She can be pushy at times.  This little dog know what she wants when she wants it.  She is a joy to have around.

Bella does not know she is a dog.  She makes sounds like a cat. Sometimes she tried to talk.  Bella is just a sweet and funny little dog.



Bella is somewhat of a toy junckie.  She loves to play ball. This photo is from when we first got her.  She has change a little.  She has a lot more gray.  She is a very pretty little dog.

Bella is one of those dogs who like to get lots of attention.  If she does not get it, she will let you know how she feels.


I hope you enjoyed reading about my pushy little dachshund Bella.  There is more to come about Bella.


Thank-you for reading,

Much Lve and light,


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