Writing Through the Soul: Slow Start

Writing Through the Soul: Slow Start

This year has not been a good one for me, as far as writing goes. I had a very slow start. Every year I do a check to see how much I have written.  I usually end up doing this midway through.  Sometime in June or July.  I, finally, had a chance to check and see how much I have written so far this year.  Much to my surprise, I had written less than 12 articles and about 40 poems.  Not much at all.  I wasn’t happy with myself about this at all.

I did realize there was a lot going on in my life and I couldn’t write. I had been taking some classes and doing a lot of working on self improvement. That is never a bad thing.. But, I had promised myself, Iwould get into the routine of writing at least on a regular basis.  And, I have not done that at all. Something that hopefully will chance in the next few months.

I have also realized I am still adjusting to my new life since I have moved into a much bigger place. There is  a lot more that has to be done here.  I was starting to feel like my life wasn’t my own.  I started taking classes to help with it.

Writing Through the Soul: Slow Start Big Ideas

I had a very slow start to my writing this year and I had such big ideas.  I wanted my blog The Spiritual Mystic to be my main blog and had hoped to have had post at least 100 new articles to the blog this year.  Well, that did not happen. I didn’t even manage to make two posts a month.  I really want that to change.

I have always had plans of writing books.  I really have not worked on any of them at all. That was up until last week.  I started looking over all of my notes and the things I had done.  I started thinking about what types of writing I am good at and what I like to write about.   I have always been more of a nonfiction writing and I like to help people out if I can.  I was working on an article and it started getting very long.  I decided, I could turn the article into a self-help book, if I keep writing.  I was very happy about that.

I realize the way my life works these days, I only really get a chance to write the first week of every month.  The rest of the month things are very busy and I am too tired to write much of anything.  I am going to try to give myself time every day to at least write something.  I have a few ideas that will help me to post more regularly if I have time to work on them.  I will have to see what happens with it.


Thank-you for reading,

Much love and light,

Brenda Marie

2 thoughts on “Writing Through the Soul: Slow Start

  1. For you it’s writing. For me it’s reducing screen time. We all have tasks we need to do to improve our lives, and they can be hard for sure. Regardless, I hope you end up doing what’s needed to make your dreams a reality!


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