Nonfiction Hound Tales: Lemon Pie

Fred my beloved Basset-dachshund

I love to write nonfiction stories. I have been thinking about doing this one for a while. I have been thinking about my Basset-dachshund Fred a lot and some of the funny things.   Fred was my muse when he was alive and continues to be.

Nonfiction Hound Tales: Lemon

Photo by Konstantinas Ladauskas on Unsplash

Fred loved lemons.  Most dogs hate the taste of lemon, but not Fred.   I have ever only known of one other dog that liked lemons and that my grandfather’s basset hound. That dog was addicted to lemons.  He would steal them if they were left anywhere, where he could reach them. He also loved my grandmother’s homemade lemon pie.  It was the best. That dog would steal every slice of lemon pie he could get his hands on. This is the reason, I believe my beloved Fred was the reincarnation of my grandfather’s Fred.

I remember once at a family picnic one of my uncles gave my grandfather’s dog beer and he was staggering around.  He spotted my grandmother’s lemon pie on a chair.  He high tailed over to the pie so he could eat it.  But, it belonged to my father and he ate it first.  I ended up sharing my slice with my grandfather’s Fred. This memory still sticks in my head.  I thought it was so funny. I  felt bad for the old dog and gave him my pie.  I loved my grandfather’s basset hound.

Now my Fred was no different, in his love for lemons.  He loved lemon pie filling.  I would give it to him as a special treat.  I like lemon pie myself. And, I would always share with my Fred.

My husband uses lemon furniture polish to clean his guitars. It must smell enough like lemon to get Fred’s attention.  Every time my husband cleaned his guitars, Fred would run off with the cloth in his month.  I still have Fred’s guitar rag.

Right before Fred passed away.  I put him on my couch.  I went and got him a lemon pie.  He stuck out his tongue to kiss me one fast time.  I said, “good-bye.” I put some of the pie filling on Fred’s tongue and laid down with him.  He died with lemon on his tongue and his head on my shoulder,



Lemon pie photo from Photo by Konstantinas Ladauskas on Unsplash

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