What or Who is the Higher Self?



What Is The Higher Self?

We are all searching for the truth, as to who or what we really are. We instinctually know there is more to us than meets the eye. Knowing there is something or someone beyond us that creates us. A higher power that is in control of all things.

What are we? What is our true connection to this higher-power? Are we just a body with a personality or are we something more? From my understanding, we are much more. We are all souls living in bodies. Each one of us has a higher form. This higher form has been typically called the Higher Self. Others have called it as the Oversoul or Overself. It is the part of us that is still connected to the creator or God.

I prefer to call it the God spark. You remember the song you sang in church as a child, “This Little Light of Mine”. Well, that song is talking about the higher-self. The spark inside of each one of us that is connected to God. That spark is our higher-self wanting to come through.

We are all a part of God or the creator. We incarnate so our soul can learn and grow. There is a part of our soul that stays in Heaven when we incarnate. A part of us that is forever connected to God or the creator. The part of us that guides us home when our bodies die. This part of our soul helps guide us in our daily lives. The part of us that never leaves Heaven is the higher-self.




Who and what is the Higher Self?

The Higher Self is the intelligence and the wisdom aspect of our own self. Ironically, the Higher Self is impersonal and does not have a ‘sense of self’ like the way our personality does. The higher-self only knows love and light. It only knows the truth, and all of this is in its truest form. It knows our real reasons for being here. The reasons we choose to incarnate and serve God and the world. It serves as a guiding aspect of the personality or ego. The Higher-self is our soul connection to God. It is God working through us.

The higher-self is us in our purest form. It is our soul’s true essence. All of us, in our essence, are pure love and light. We are all expressions of God, in individual form. Our higher-selves are who we truly are. The Higher-self is our soul at work.

I hope this article helps you have a better understanding of yourself and what the higher-self is. Thank-you for reading.

Much Love and light,
Brenda Marie Fluharty

Content by Brenda Marie Fluharty  ©2022, all rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “What or Who is the Higher Self?

  1. 💜 I Call it SOMB that rhymes with WOMB EveryOne; basically it is ALL InSide Waiting To Be ReDiscovered EveryBody, SOMB is Soul Observer Mind Body

    nisi mortuus nec neque nolite vicit 🤭🤫🤐




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