Be Your Own Best Friend



Be Your Own Best Friend



Most people will go out of their way for others, but not for themselves. Taking care of yourself and building yourself up is a good thing. We need to learn how to cheer ourselves on. In our darkest hours, we need to learn how to love and support ourselves. We need to learn how to be our own best friend.


Humans are often harder on ourselves than anyone else. We know everyone makes mistakes and wrong choices in life. We need to learn how to forgive ourselves for the wrong choices and mistakes we make. Developing positive self talk to important. What if something goes wrong or you make a mistake and there is no one around to talk to about it? Putting yourself down for the mistakes and wrong choices you make, it’s going to help you or anyone else.


We also need to learn to let go of thing we cannot control. We often blame ourselves for things we have no control over. Being your own best friend means being there for yourself. We all have people in our lives that are there for us when we need them. Most often, other people’s opinions of us are better than our own. Think of these people and what they might say to you.


Learn to build yourself up. When you are going through a tough situation, tell yourself you are strong you can get through this. Love yourself through difficult times. Everything changes and sometimes we just need time to get through things. So help yourself by supporting yourself through. Loving and being there for yourself is not selfish.


It’s difficult to learn to be your own best friend. Take it ne step at a time. Compliment yourself throughout a day on the little things that you do. Thank yourself for the little thing you do for yourself. Give yourself a hug when you made it through a difficult time. Minor changes become big one over time. We all need to learn to be our own best friends.


Thank-you for reading,

 Brenda Marie Fluhaty


Photo and content by  Brenda Marie Fluarty©2023 all right reserved


5 thoughts on “Be Your Own Best Friend

  1. Love this, Brenda! This really stood out to me – “sometimes we just need time to get through things!” That has been true in my life over and over again. I'd be trying to hurry myself along, but the only thing that worked was time. And I so agree that we need to be kind to ourselves, and forgive our mistakes, and cheer ourselves on. Thanks for this encouragement!


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