Flash Fiction February

It’s flash fiction February. All you fiction writers out there get ready to write. It’s going to be a fun ride. Even if you have never written flash fiction before, come on in and enjoy the fun. Try something new.

What is the meaning of flash fiction?

Flash fiction is a genre of fiction, defined as a brief story. Flash fiction stories can be as short as a few words or up to 2,000 words. It must be a complete story.

Flash Fiction February Writing Prompts

There was a time when I would not use writing prompts. I wrote when the feeling hit me. I wrote whatever popped into my head. All I did was to write for the enjoyment of writing. I still write for the enjoyment of it. Even the best of writers can use a little inspiration now and again.

Writing prompts can be anything from one word, word phrases to photos. We can use writing prompts for any type of writing. Use these writing prompts for your flash fiction story or for any type of writing you would like. I leave it all up to you. Your writing can be any style and length you wish. You can pin back your writing if you like. You can post a link in the comment section or write your work in the comment section. It’s all up to you.

Flash Fiction February Writing Prompts

  • 1 Puppy love
  • 2 A storm is coming
  • 3 Red rose
  • 4 What is that moving out there?
  • 5 A long drive home
  • 6 First kiss
  • 7 Under the gray sky
  • 8 Lost in love
  • 9 Soulmate
  • 10 Heart break
  • 11 Love child
  • 12 The black rose
  • 13 Peeking through the window
  • 14 Be my Valintine
  • 15 Going to the Hospital
  • 16 New love is born
  • 17 Love on the rocks
  • 18 Going my way
  • 19 I’m lost in you
  • 20 Say something sweet
  • 21 Candy kisses
  • 22 Tunnel of Love
  • 23 Sweet Emotions
  • 24 My mind is set on you
  • 25 What was I thinking
  • 26 Hope
  • 27 Something has to give
  • 28 Love lasts forever

I hope you enjoy flash fiction February.  I look forward to writing your wonderful stories.

Much love and light.

Brenda Marie Fluharty

Content and photos by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2023 all rights reserved


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