Writing Through the Soul April 2023

Writing Through the Soul April 2023 a Huge Month

There is a lot going on in April. April is a huge month for writers. April is National Poetry month and there is an Ultimate Blog Challenge going on. April is also Autism Awareness Month. Sit back and enjoy all that April has to offer.

With all that is going on in my personal life right now, I am not sure how much writing I am going to be able to do.  I will do my best to post daily and see what happens. 2023 has been a year of huge changes for me so far.  Some have been good and some have been bad.  My faith and trust in God, the Universe, and myself has gotten me through.


Writing Through the Soul April 2023 Happy 6th Anniversary Bella and Fred

I can hardly believe it has been six years since Bella and Fred came into my life. Dogs bring so much love and joy into life. I have always had a love for dachshunds. I have been blessed to have been owned by many. We have had Bella for almost as long as we had Leelee.  She has been a great blessing.

Fred my beloved Basset-dachshund


It is so hard for me to believe Fred has been gone for almost four years.  I still miss him. Happy Havenly Anniversay Fred. I still remember the day we got Fred and Bella so clearly.  Like it just happened today. Dogs walk into our lives and leave deep paw prints on our soul.

My love for Fred ran deep.  So deep that back in February I got a huge surprise added to my life.  One I wasn’t quit ready for but love just the same.

This is my dear, sweet, new little angel.  At first we were calling her Sunshine.  A very special name, as that was what my grandfather called me when I was a young girl. But, every one of our dogs seemed to have human qualities, so she needed to have a human name.

A few days before I got her, I had a dream about Fred. He showed me this sweet little puppy. I heard Deputy Dawg’s voice say, I am coming back to you. I always thought if Fred could talk, that is what he would sound like.  And, I saw this sweet little angel in my dream. I decided the right name for her would be Freeda. Freeda just seems to fit her better. Freida means peace that is why her name is spelled Freeda almost like Freedom. Another reason for her name was I had always felt my grandfather send me Fred. My grandfather had a friend name Freida. Freida was a sweet gernman lady that I had always adored. She passed away the same years as Fred did.

Freeda is a very special little dog.  She brings new hope and dreams into my life.

Thank-you for reading.

Much love and light,

Brenda Marie

Content and photos by Brenda Marie Fluharty  ©2023 all right reserved



9 thoughts on “Writing Through the Soul April 2023

  1. So happy to see you back in the UBC! I enjoyed reading about all your pups, love her new baby and Sunshine is the perfect name!


  2. It was a pleasure to read about your love for your dogs, Fred and Bella, and your new little angel, Freeda.

    I can understand how hard it must be to have lost Fred, but I’m glad that you were able to find comfort in the dream you had about him. It sounds like Freeda is a very special dog who brings you a lot of joy.

    I also appreciate your insights on the importance of dogs in our lives. They truly are furry friends who bring us unconditional love and support.

    Thank you again for sharing your story. It was a pleasure to read.


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