Soul Healing Reading For May 4, 2023

The card for today is failure.  We all make mistake and do the wrong things at times.  We must learn to forgive ourselves for the mistakes we make.  Keep in mind that every mistake is an opportunity to learn something.  It maybe to learn something about yourself or someone else. Every mistake gives you an opportunity to learn, heal, and grow.


Today two cards fell from the card.  They kind of go hand in hand.  Failures can help you see where in your life you need to change things.  Life is all about change.  We live in  a never ending moment of change. Change helps us grow and evolve.


I would love to have your feedback on this reading.  Please comment, thank-you and have a great day.

Much love and light,



2 thoughts on “Soul Healing Reading For May 4, 2023

  1. I can totally see how failure and change could go together, and provide an opportunity to learn and grow. There is nothing about failure that feels good, but it’s important to throw lots of self-love at it, so that it can be mined for all the good it can bring.


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