Soul Healing Reading For May 5, 2023

Happy Solar Eclipse.  I have to let you all know that this reading really goes along with the energies of the Solar Eclipse.  I do these readings by setting my intention.  I then shuffle the deck, the cards fall out and that is how the reading is done.  The reading depends on the number of reads that fall from the deck.  I believe nothing happens by chance, that is why I do these card readings this way.

The Solar Eclipse is all about death and rebirth.  This is no joke!  I can’t believe the cards that fell out of the deck for this reading.  I was amazed myself.  Three cards fell from the deck face side down.

Yes, Greif was the first card to fall out of the deck.  Grief is love that has no where to go.  Grief is very difficult for everyone and we all deal with it in our own ways.  Many people do not realize we even grieve past revisions of ourselves. We are all going through great spiritual changes right now. I do mean everyone.  Even those people out there who don’t go as deep as many of the people who read this blog. As  you read this reading think about the changes that are going on with you in your life right now.  Many of you are healing on many different levels.

When we lose something, we learn how to appreciate it.  You may have appreciated it while it was here, but losing it make you go even deeper.  When we go deeper, we start to realize there is no real separation.  That which we thought we lose is a part of us and is never truly gone. Grief helps us have a better understanding of how The Universe works.  This also depends on your own soul’s journey.

Humor was the second card to fall from the deck.  We often get through life’s traumas with the help of humor.  Humor also helps raise our vibrations.  As our vibrations raise healing takes place, whether we notice it or not.  I know, it is not always easy, but if you focus on the lighter side of life, challenges are easier to get through.






Peace was the third and final card that fell from the deck.  In the end, we all want peace.   We as humans are very peaceful people. We need  to learn how to release the negatives of this world and set ourselves free.

I hope you enjoyed this reading.

Much Love and Light,

Brenda Marie


4 thoughts on “Soul Healing Reading For May 5, 2023

  1. You know, I didn’t really give much thought to grieving the ways in which we have changed. But what a good point! Of course we would. I will give that some thought. I am always so eager to heal that I tell myself I am glad for every healing. but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t create grief, too. Thanks!


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