Spiritual Healing Through Automatic Writing


 Spiritual Healing Through Automatic Writing

Automatic writing has many names; spirit writing, souls writing, higher-self writing, channeling, and downloaded writing. It’s also called psychography and is considered to be a psychic ability. Every writer has, at some point, written something that seems to just flow out as if it wasn’t their writing. This is automatic writing. I am sure most people have tapped into this at least once in their lives.

The automatic writer is usually in a meditative, lucid dreaming, or hypnotic state while writing. We can easily get this state into by using relaxation techniques. Listening to soothing music, burning scented candles and deep breathing exercises all can be help you automatically write. Being in a relaxed state of mind is the key to automatic writing.


Spiritual Healing Benefits of Automatic Writing

Becoming More Self- Aware
Being Able to Connect to Guides, Guardians, Angels, Your Higher-Self, God and the Universe
Reducing Stress and Anxiety


Spiritual Healing Benefits of Automatic Writing

There are several spiritual benefits of automatic writing. Automatic writing can help one see themselves in different ways. Giving you a better understanding of yourself and helping you to become more self-aware. Automatic writing can help some people get a better connection to the angels, the spirit guide, or even God and the Universe. It can even help reduce anxiety and stress.


How Automatic Writing Can Help You Become More Self-Aware?

All too often, we listen to what society and other people tell us when it comes to who we should be. We often forget who we truly are because we have been told who we should be all our lives. Automatic writing helps us connect to our higher-self. Enabling us to peel away the layers of what others and society have told us we should be. Helping us to see our true self, therefore becoming more self-aware.

Automatic writing can help us discover new things about ourselves. It can help us see ourselves through different perspectives. Seeing ourselves in different ways can help us have a better understanding of ourselves. All too often, we are too busy to take the time to see ourselves in different ways. We should try to see ourselves through other people’s eyes. If we take the time to do this, we will become more self-aware. We can have a better understanding of our emotions and how to deal with them.




How Automatic Writing Can Help to Connect to Guides, Guardians, Angels, Your Higher-Self, God and the Universe

When we automatically write, we are raising our vibrations. This helps put us into a higher state of spiritual being. In these higher states of spiritual being, we can connect with guides, guardians, angels, our higher-self. We may even connect with God, if we can raise our vibrations high enough. The more you practice automatic writing, the more you can control your vibrations and what you can connect to.


How Automatic Writing Can Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety?

Automatic writing is done in a meditative, lucid dreaming, or hypnotic state. Being in these states of mind helps us to think clearer and stay more focused. Being able to think clearly helps us to become more self-aware. Self-awareness can help us in everyday life by learning how we deal with problems and stressors that come into our life. It can help us find new ways of coping with stress and anxiety. They lower our heart rate and help to reduce stress and anxiety. Automatic writing is actually being in a calm state of mind and being calm helps reduce stress and anxiety.

In conclusion, automatic writing can help us heal spiritually by helping us become more self-aware, giving us a better understanding of how we deal with our emotions. It helps us connect to our, higher-self, angels, guides, guardians or even God,  depending on how high we can raise our personal vibrations. Automatic writing helps reduce stress by helping us calm our minds and bodies.

Thank-you for reading,

Much Love and Light,

 Brenda Marie Fluharty


Content by Brenda Marie Fluharty©2021 all right reserved
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5 thoughts on “Spiritual Healing Through Automatic Writing

  1. 💜 Put Simply EveryOne “Automatic Writing” is a ChildLike Stream of Consciousness that many an individual doesn’t understand and it’s not to be understood, just Simply Shared after being edited; as with ALL Creative Actives, Definition is for Professionals like Editors, Law Practitioners, Publishers, Accountants et al who WANT AND DEMAND FACTS!!! and STRUCTURE!!! then Articulation such as Avoiding “Automatic Writing” and Analysis of THE FACTS!!! rather than an Acceptance of a ChildLike Stream of Consciousness EveryBody

    nisi mortuus nec neque nolite vicit 🤭🤫🤐




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