What is Grounding and Earthing?


What is Grounding and Earthing?

In this hectic world, people have lost touch with the Earth. They have lost their connection with the planet. Grounding is reconnecting to the energy follow of the Earth. Grounding is your body getting the positive energy from the Earth. 

Earthing is another name for grounding. There is a minor difference between Earthing and grounding. Earthing is actually having skin contact with the Earth. Walking barefoot, playing in the sand, or gardening is Earthing. Grounding does not always mean you have skin contact with the Earth.

Benefits of Grounding or Earth

Remove negative energy
Reduce stress and anxiety
Lower blood pressure
Help with insomnia
Help focus

What Are The benefits of Grounding or Earth?

There are many benefits, both spiritual and physical to grounding or Earthing. Earthing actually having physical contact with the earth helps to remove negative energy from your body. It has proven grounding helps reduce stress. It may also help lower blood pressure. Earthing or grounding can help with sleep issues as well. 

Earthing and grounding have become so noticed for its positive effects researcher are testing to see if it helps with inflammatory issues. There is reason to believe grounding helps with depression or anxiety and may even be helpful in reducing harmful addictions.

Earthing and ground can help you focus better. It can be helpful in aliening your body’s energy. Grounding helps you connect to the spirit realms and deepens meditation practices. Grounding is done before starting any spiritual practice.

Earthing and grounding are very beneficial practices to take up. You should try to do them every day. Earthing and grounding daily will help you live a better life by reducing your stress and helping you sleep better. Grounding helps you stay focused and work better.

I hope this article gave you a better understanding of Earthing and grounding, and the wonderful health benefits you can get from doing them. I hope it encourages you to get started Earthing and grounding for a better way of living. Thank-you for reading..

Much love and light

The Spiritual Mystic Brenda Marie

Content by The Spiritual Mystic Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2021 all right reserved
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13 thoughts on “What is Grounding and Earthing?

  1. Great post! Lia practices Earthing without even realizing it. Maybe that's why she is always so happy and full of positive energy! We just had a major rain storm and she was outfit playing in her sand table that had filled with water. What a great time she had and no stress!


  2. There was a time when I walked around in barefoot all the time. I hurt my foot badly and I have had trouble walking ever since, so I do not do it any more. I have to go outside and walk in the grass carefully.


  3. I enjoy spending time out in nature, especially hiking in the woods as a walking meditation. Earthing and grounding in nature definitely helps me de-stress and relax. Thanks for sharing this very important topic on your blog.


  4. I was just noticing Roy's comment, because I walk without shoes, too. I love grounding meditations and crystals and other things that are grounding. But unfortunately, I don't get outside to do any earthing very often. Great article, though, and it's good to know research is being done so more people will know about their benefits. I'm glad you are putting the word out, too!


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